Grown outside, autoflowering seeds can produce two or more crops in the course of a normal summer. Under lights, ‘autos’ can go from seedling to fully mature plant in as little as 10 weeks. As an added bonus, most are also very hardy and resistant to fungal infections, mould, pests and even frost, due to their extremely robust, northern Eurasian genetic lineage – the Ruderalis – that evolved the ability to flower at will in order to survive. Seeds that automatically flower can be grown indoors, out of doors or in a greenhouse. In addition, all seeds in this category are feminized and from a wide range of genetics, offering different kinds of flavour, aroma and effect. These strains are a great choice for gardeners in less warm climate areas who wish to grow on open ground, or on a balcony or window ledge, but find themselves restricted by short summers.
Autoflowering cannabis seeds are very easy to grow and provide an easy harvest of high quality cannabis. Autoflowering seeds do not change light cycles or remove males in order to flower, and that’s the reason why they’re called autoflowering cannabis seeds. Most of the work of achieving a crop of unfertilized female flowers has been done before they are even germinated. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are great for new and growers with no a big experience because of its simplicity to grow.